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Be sure and contact to book a slot!

OPEN SHIFTS are currently available, however the availability cannot be guaranteed at the time of request.


Requesting Shifts

When a month becomes available to book, we will email a notification to all vendors notifying them of what month is available for booking.  Please do not reply to this e-mail, you will need to send a fresh, new e-mail to request your booking.

When you reply to an e-mail it starts a thread and this can be a thread with over 100 different e-mails.  This makes for a lot of mistakes to happen along with possibly missing your request in all of the mess.  Any replies to our original e-mail notification of booking will be discarded. 

All scheduling requests for 2017 must be sent to 

E-mails must be subjected “Your Food Truck Name - Month(s) of Requests”.  If not subjected clearly, requests will be discarded. 

If you send to any other Bleu Garten e-mail or staff member, your request will be discarded.  This includes copying any other Bleu Garten e-mail addresses on this e-mail.  We have a lot of moving parts in our venue and we have created this specific e-mail so that your scheduling requests are not getting mixed up with the many other requests and questions we receive on a daily basis. This also ensures that it goes to the correct person that is handling booking at that time and does not clog other’s e-mail accounts.

If you do not send in your dates in a specific manner then you will not be booked in a specific manner. This means if you’re requesting to book the month of February and you say you want 2/1, 2/2, 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, etc (every single day of the month). - this request will be ignored.  


We want to ensure we are booking the dates that you MOST want.  If you say you could do every day of the month, we assume that there aren’t any dates you want more than other dates, and therefore we choose to just book you according to where we need trucks.  If you’re available for the entire month, that’s great, but just send us 2-4 of your most wanted dates for each week so we can make sure we’re booking you as you’re wanting.


Make sure you’re requests are very specific, stating the date and shift you’re requesting.  For example: Friday, March 3rd, dinner-only shift (2nd choice is all-day shift).


This format lets us know exactly which shift is your top choice but if we only have an all-day shift, that you’re available for that as well.  When booking, our biggest goal is getting you the dates and shifts you want the most.

If we do book you for a date you requested and you didn’t specify if you wanted “all-day” or “dinner-only” and you then come back to say you could only do “dinner-only” after I book you for “all-day”; and you cannot fulfill your commitment for any reason you will be given a strike and will be putting your ability to book at Bleu Garten at risk. We will be strict with these policies because it is not fair to occupy dates that another truck can fill.  Please only request what you are prepared to fulfill. 

Please also be willing to fulfill your shift in its entirety. We had multiple complaints from customers last season that trucks were not at Bleu Garten as we advertised on our schedule.  This includes starting service on-time and staying until your service end time.  This inconsistency hurts our community as a whole.  

Booking will be favored by a combination of sales records and vendors that constantly conduct themselves with a positive professional attitude. 

Reminder - all booking changes, requests, cancellations, etc. must be done through e-mail.  Any other form of communication regarding scheduling will be directed to sending an e-mail to the appropriate e-mail address.


in order to book. All required documents must be updated and emailed into .  To start the season, someone will e-mail you from this e-mail requesting any documents we may need.  

Again, if documents are sent to another one of our emails or another e-mail is copied, it will be deleted and you will not be eligible for booking. 

General questions outside of booking or documents need to be delivered to  


We have a 30-day cancellation policy for all shifts.  We had entirely too many cancellations for other events last year.  If you are wanting to book more private events, we definitely encourage you to do so.  However, please be mindful when booking with Bleu Garten, as any cancellation within 30 days of your date, will result in a strike and possible termination of your contract.



At the end of the night, each vendor will check out with Bleu Garten Management and pay 12% of gross sales. This percentage will go to paying your sales tax, Midtown, your electricity, your trash, ECT.