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 Bleu Garten site plan

Bleu Garten site plan

The concept of The Bleu Garten can be found in its name.  The French word bleu is associated with one of the most influential culinary academies in the world.  Le Cordon Bleu, translated "Blue Ribbon", is thought of as a term to describe excellence in the kitchen. We use the German word garten because we modeled our ambiance after some of the cleanest and entertaining bier gartens in America, to give the consumer an outdoor dining experience that is completely unique compared to anywhere else in Oklahoma.

 Many food trucks' concepts are fusions of clashing cooking techniques. The end result is innovative deliciousness!  Our name is tied into the concept of fusion with not only the food trucks, but with the fusion of the renaissance culture that is beginning to sweep Oklahoma. 

     Our goal is to not only provide a venue where food trucks can be hired as independent contractors to serve customers, but also to provide a venue where their customers will be provided clean restrooms, alcohol, shaded seating, misters, heaters, light music and theater entertainment - a combination of luxury that no food truck in Oklahoma has been able to acquire and few food truck parks in the nation provide.

 Our overall goal is layered, we want to not only let our venue grow successfully but provide a place where entrepreneurs can grow and mature their products. 

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301 NW 10th St                         MIDTOWN OKC 73103

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TUES & WED 11am-10pm

THURS 11am-midnight

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